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Site cut in regional Victoria on a foggy morning. The block slopes away from the road considerably.  The cut is over 1m at the front and considerable fill to the rear. Our in house surveyor was onsite training new employees.  Site cuts on large blocks in regional Victoria are some of our favorites. The trustee […]

Site cuts in Melbourne’s fog:  As the days get shorter and begin to get colder we are starting to see the Fog roll in.  This significant site cut in an outer suburb was completed in a blanket of Fog. A lot of soil removal was done on this job due to the sloping block.  The […]

Site cut Melbourne

This detailed site cut Melbourne was done in the outer Eastern suburbs.  As you can see the site cut was quite deep and had considerable batters. This material was very compacted which made for tough digging however it was no match for our Operator and his digger.  

Site cuts

Another residential site cut completed by our 23t Caterpillar excavator.  The biggest machine in our fleet is a perfect match for those deeper site cuts and jobs where rock is likely to be encountered. We are always investing in our machines and fleet.  Earthlift pride ourselves on our consistency and reliability so we regularly turn […]

residential site cut

Residential site cuts:  A significant site cut on this undulating estate. As you can see the developer benched sites however more earthworks were needed to prepare a flat building platform. Significant soil was removed from this site however you can see the retaining walls have already begun to be constructed.  

Residential site cuts melbourne

Residential site cuts experts:  This nice residential site cut completed in a South East Melbourne estate. Earthlift perform site cuts for the biggest names in residential construction.  Call us today to understand why we are the most trusted brand in the industry.    

Site cuts drone footage

Site Cuts:  This multi unit project has 6 separate site cuts. Some great drone footage provided by our builder on this one.  Soil removal on these large jobs can be kept to a minimum when FFL are carefully considered.    

Site Cut Melbourne with soil removal:  A site cut generally signifies the start of your building journey.  Prior to site we complete a thorough assessment of the job and put together our as constructed drawing. Our operators once onsite use the as construct plans to accurately and efficiently complete the site cut.  Any excess soil […]

Site cuts

Site excavation with soil removal on this residential block with over 10m of fall. Access to the block was restricted so our operator needed to cut his way into the block.  Despite more than 10m of fall the digging was good and we managed to carve out 3 levels and the driveway to meet the […]