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Brand new Next Gen Caterpillar, taking delivery. Earthlift continue to invest in new machines to service our loyal customers. This brand new Next Gen Caterpillar Digger with breaker will be put to work in Metro West. Completing residential site cuts, basement excavations and multi unit excavations. Ensuring our operators have the right tools to do […]

Site cuts

Another residential site cut completed by our 23t Caterpillar excavator.  The biggest machine in our fleet is a perfect match for those deeper site cuts and jobs where rock is likely to be encountered. We are always investing in our machines and fleet.  Earthlift pride ourselves on our consistency and reliability so we regularly turn […]

Site cut

Residential site cut: Here are Earthlift we complete hundreds of residential site cuts like this one every month. This one was cut deeper into the block than the neighboring properties.  Your residential site cut sets the level of the whole block and can dictate the levels and slope of you backyard. Getting you finished floor […]