Clean Fill Supply

What is Clean Fill?

Clean Fill is commonly recognised through its subsidiary ‘Clean Fill Dirt’ and is essentially a contaminant-free waste material. It is typically collected from construction and development projects before being repurposed for external projects, however, there are exceptions. Clean fill will typically be imported by suppliers before being ordered to meet project specifications outlined by a geotechnical engineer.

By classification, Clean Fill material consists independently or as a combination of soil, gravel, rock, sand, or dirt. Given the contaminant-free nature of clean fill, it is unable to contain any external waste, whether it be organic, biological, or manufactured. This implies clean fill can not include any common materials such as paper, cardboard, household waste, glass, or metal. The most common clean fill types include:

Clean Fill Dirt

Clean Fill dirt is used primarily across construction and development projects to fill holes and build ground elevation. Clean fill dirt must be a virgin material, free of rocks, rubble, or any other foreign material.

Clean Fill Sand

Clean Fill Sand, like dirt, is used to fill depressions and ‘low’ areas but is prone to shifting and displacement. Clean fill sand is popular amidst projects that require good drainage properties, typically being utilised near septic tanks and ponds.

Rock Clean Fill

Rock fill is a popular clean fill material given its ability to fill deep holes and depressions in the ground. Rock fill will commonly contain large football size rocks sourced from excavation activities and sites – providing good drainage and fill properties.

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What is Clean Fill used for?

Clean Fill is used throughout the construction and development industries to fill holes and depressions in the ground, raise the elevation of the site, or artificially manufacture hills and mounds. Clean fill has become increasingly popular amongst sites given its environmental advantages over traditional fill and can prove to be a cost-effective fill solution if personal waste is recycled from other sites or projects.

Pile of Soil
Clean Fill Soil

Who needs Clean Fill?

Clean fill can be utilised nationwide by a variety of personnel. While clean fill is popular amongst contractors, Tradies, Engineers, and the household handyman, it is most commonly ordered by geotechnical engineers across large scale commercial projects.

While clean fill is readily available, it is important to find a premium quality supplier to ensure the longevity and quality of your project. If you are unsure if your project requires clean fill or wish to enquire about benefits associated with clean fill materials – contact a professional.