Earthlift specializes in providing earthworks for residential, commercial and industrial developments including bulk excavations for basement constructions.

Earthlift for more than 50 years have specialized in all manor of residential excavation including site cuts, soil removal, basement excavation and medium density excavation projects.

The Company is able, but not necessarily limited, to provide:

  • A specialized team of estimators to accurately quantify cut/fill volumes and provide written quotations;
  • Commencement of earthworks generally within 4-5 working days of receiving a Purchase Order, Site Plans and relevant information for the project;
  • Client’s Site Plans dimensioned by Earthlift draftspersons to assist Plant Operators;
  • Site works set out by Earthlift staff; either the Operator, Surveyor or Engineer;
  • Excavation levels finished to within +/- 10mm of the required Reduced Level or Australian Height Datum;
  • Constant communication with Site Supervisors to keep them informed of any site problems or delays;
  • In general, site excavated spoil is spread and track rolled in layers at insitu moisture content as “Rolled fill”. However, Earthlift is also able to provide “Controlled fill” compaction and insitu density testing by an appropriately qualified and NATA accredited geotechnical authority;
  • Excess spoil is either removed from site or stockpiled on site;
  • Breaking-out and removal of rock using a hydraulic hammer attachment;
  • Regular communication with other trades, eg set-out contractors, drainers, concreters etc;
  • A training program developed to assist our Client’s estimators and draftspersons.