Experience Makes a Difference

Earthlift Excavations have been earthmoving since 1968.  We are an experienced civil earthmoving contractor committed to providing an efficient, high-quality, cost-effective excavation service to our clients – no matter how big or small your job is.  Ensure your projects get off to the best start using the most trusted and reliable site cut excavation company who understands what builders want and have the capacity to deliver.

We specialise in:

House excavation Melbourne

House Excavation Melbourne:  Some sharp lines in this site cut however House excavation in Melbourne’s inner suburbs has many variables. Height, size, material and access all help determine the most efficient earthworks plan. Using our state of the art software we can manipulate the variables to ensure the best outcome is achieved. Soil removal from […]

Earthworks Melbourne

Earthworks Melbourne : It is our preferred option for soil removal to reverse our trucks onto site. This allows for safe and more efficient loading resulting in more efficient soil removal. Getting trucks onto site is not always easy however our drivers are the very best at getting trucks in tight spaces.

Site cut and rock breaking

Site cut and rock breaking was needed on this job.  Rock is prevalent in many areas of Melbourne.  When we hit rock, we try to excavate it, following that we can break and hammer. Hitting rock can cause delays and add cost to any project.  Where rock is known it is best to limit the […]