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Challenging sites with deep site cuts and retaining walls are always great to be involved.  Sites with a lot of fall and tight access can limit your options to build a home.  Through years of experience and investment in the right people and machines, Earthlift can tackle any site,  Giving you the confidence that your […]

Basement Site Cut Melbourne 16

Basement excavation Melbourne.  Earthlift have been basement excavation specialists for nearly 50 years.  Bulk earthworks completed cost and time efficiently to meet any deadline. More than 2000m3 of soil removal on this one.    

digger bucket

Site cut on a sunny morning in the east. Earthlift complete thousands of site cuts a year for some of the industries largest builders. We are a trusted partner with unparalleled capacity, customer service and reliability.  

Residential Site cut Melbourne 90

House Excavation Melbourne:  Some sharp lines in this site cut however House excavation in Melbourne’s inner suburbs has many variables. Height, size, material and access all help determine the most efficient earthworks plan. Using our state of the art software we can manipulate the variables to ensure the best outcome is achieved. Soil removal from […]

Soil removal from site cut

Earthworks Melbourne : It is our preferred option for soil removal to reverse our trucks onto site. This allows for safe and more efficient loading resulting in more efficient soil removal. Getting trucks onto site is not always easy however our drivers are the very best at getting trucks in tight spaces.

a hammer excavation

Site cut and rock breaking was needed on this job.  Rock is prevalent in many areas of Melbourne.  When we hit rock, we try to excavate it, following that we can break and hammer. Hitting rock can cause delays and add cost to any project.  Where rock is known it is best to limit the […]

Earthlift soil removal

Multi Unit site Cut Melbourne: This one being done in the sunshine by one of our veteran operators in his Caterpillar. Soil removal and import was taken care of easily but our Kenworth Tandem. Everything is better when the sun is out.  

Basement Site Cut Melbourne 11

Basement excavation in Melbourne inner suburbs are becoming more common due to scarcity of land and the markets want for more usable space. Earthlift work in with basement contractors providing bulk earthworks or staged earthworks. Basement excavation can be highly detailed and involve working with a variety of trades to ensure concrete structures can be […]