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Taking delivery of our Next Gen Caterpillar. Earthlift continue to invest in new machines to service our loyal customers. This brand new Next Gen Caterpillar Digger with breaker will be put to work in Metro West. Completing residential site cuts, basement excavations and multi unit excavations. Ensuring our operators have the right tools to do […]

Site cuts drone footage

Site Cuts:  This multi unit project has 6 separate site cuts. Some great drone footage provided by our builder on this one.  Soil removal on these large jobs can be kept to a minimum when FFL are carefully considered.    

Site cuts 2020

Site excavation with soil removal on this residential block with over 10m of fall. Access to the block was restricted so our operator needed to cut his way into the block.  Despite more than 10m of fall the digging was good and we managed to carve out 3 levels and the driveway to meet the […]

Multi Unit Site cut Melbourne 23

Medium Density Excavation Melbourne.  Multi unit excavation can be difficult. Multiple set outs, multiple step downs and levels however our operator got the job done.  As you can see the quality is top notch. Dual street access on this one was great for soil removal however with small blocks it can be a challenge to […]

Multi Unit Site cut Melbourne 19

Multi unit excavation by one of our Young Guns.  8 Units all with different levels knocked over with a #Caterpillar 12 tonne. Clay and Soil removal was taken care of by our trusty #Kenworth.  Earthlift are specialists in Multi unit excavation, combining our experience, skills and truck fleet to ensure the job is done on […]

Residential Site cut Melbourne 78

House excavation on a seaside block on a sandy site on the Bellarine Peninsula in a new estate.  A lot of soil and vegetation was removed to ensure compliance with the engineering before a cut and fill was completed. Large step down for the alfresco is at the rear. House excavation on sandy sites can […]

Site cut in Geelong

Site cut Geelong : This site cut as completed by one of our experienced operators in a new suburb of Geelong.  Access was good which helped with the soil removal,  Soil conditions in Geelong can vary dramatically however this one was in our favor and relatively easy to work with. Earthlift have coverage throughout Melbourne […]

Residential Site cut Melbourne 50

A residential site cut in Melbourne that uncovered significant rocks.  This site was 100% cut. Usually cut and fill to minimize material movement is best.  This job due to the sloping site 100% cut was needed. This house excavation was done around the rocks, until they were broken and removed. A significant retaining wall is […]

Residential Site cut Melbourne 49

A nice single dwelling site cut incorporating an existing rock wall. The client was keen to keep the existing rock wall which made the site cut tricky but will help achieve a great setting for the client. The desired plan fit perfectly extending right up to the rock walls. Through careful planning a finished floor […]