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Challenging sites with deep site cuts and retaining walls are always great to be involved.  Sites with a lot of fall and tight access can limit your options to build a home.  Through years of experience and investment in the right people and machines, Earthlift can tackle any site,  Giving you the confidence that your […]

Residential Site cut Melbourne 115

Residential site cuts experts:  This nice residential site cut completed in a South East Melbourne estate. Earthlift perform site cuts for the biggest names in residential construction.  Call us today to understand why we are the most trusted brand in the industry. Residential excavation is our specialty.  We have been completing site cuts for more […]

Residential Site cut Melbourne 96

Sandy Site Cut Melbourne : Site cuts in sand can be a challenge.  These before and after shots show the excellent job our operator did on this one. Compaction in sand is especially important to ensure there are no soft areas.    

Residential Site cut Melbourne 49

A nice single dwelling site cut incorporating an existing rock wall. The client was keen to keep the existing rock wall which made the site cut tricky but will help achieve a great setting for the client. The desired plan fit perfectly extending right up to the rock walls. Through careful planning a finished floor […]