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Residential Site cut Melbourne 197

House excavation on a country block complete.  Earthmoving in rural settings has it challenges however this one turned out great. Earthlift have excavation capacity in most rural areas.  Contact us to chat about your next country project. We are a member of HIA  

Residential Site cut Melbourne 92

House excavation in Melbourne leafy suburb. Soil removal can be difficult in built up areas,  this job had over 200m3 removed. Some significant step downs on this job however the whole site had 4 separate levels.  

After Residential Site cut Melbourne 5

The winter months makes completing a site cut in Melbourne difficult.  Wet weather and standing water impacts efficiency onsite and also the costs of soil removal. Experience allows us to make the best of difficult sites like this one.      

Residential Site cut Melbourne 90

House Excavation Melbourne:  Some sharp lines in this site cut however House excavation in Melbourne’s inner suburbs has many variables. Height, size, material and access all help determine the most efficient earthworks plan. Using our state of the art software we can manipulate the variables to ensure the best outcome is achieved. Soil removal from […]

Multi Unit Site cut Melbourne 23

Medium Density Excavation Melbourne.  Multi unit excavation can be difficult. Multiple set outs, multiple step downs and levels however our operator got the job done.  As you can see the quality is top notch. Dual street access on this one was great for soil removal however with small blocks it can be a challenge to […]