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Challenging sites with deep site cuts and retaining walls are always great to be involved.  Sites with a lot of fall and tight access can limit your options to build a home.  Through years of experience and investment in the right people and machines, Earthlift can tackle any site,  Giving you the confidence that your […]

Residential Site cut Melbourne 145

This unit site cut in a Melbourne suburb was completed by one of our most experienced operators.  Sharp step downs and accurate levels it gets the build off on the right note. An accurate site cut is imperative for a builder to set accurate levels for the job.  It is also the ideal opportunity to […]

After Residential Site cut Melbourne 5

The winter months makes completing a site cut in Melbourne difficult.  Wet weather and standing water impacts efficiency onsite and also the costs of soil removal. Experience allows us to make the best of difficult sites like this one.      

Earthlift soil removal

Multi Unit site Cut Melbourne: This one being done in the sunshine by one of our veteran operators in his Caterpillar. Soil removal and import was taken care of easily but our Kenworth Tandem. Everything is better when the sun is out.  

Residential Site cut Melbourne 78

House excavation on a seaside block on a sandy site on the Bellarine Peninsula in a new estate.  A lot of soil and vegetation was removed to ensure compliance with the engineering before a cut and fill was completed. Large step down for the alfresco is at the rear. House excavation on sandy sites can […]

after site excavation Melbourne

Cut and fill site cut completed in a new estate in the south east of Melbourne. Grass was prevalent on the block when we commenced,  To comply with engineering all vegetation to the building platform is stripped before the cut and fill site cut can commence. Earthlift comply 100% to all engineering and can even […]

Residential Site cut Melbourne 75

Site cut on a small block in a new suburb of Melbourne.  Blocks throughout Melbourne continue to become smaller which can make access tricky for large machines and trucks. Earthlift have a range of excavator sizes from 5 right up to 20 tonne machines.  We have a variety of trucks the handle any issue.  Semi’s, […]

Site cut in Geelong

Site cut Geelong : This site cut as completed by one of our experienced operators in a new suburb of Geelong.  Access was good which helped with the soil removal,  Soil conditions in Geelong can vary dramatically however this one was in our favor and relatively easy to work with. Earthlift have coverage throughout Melbourne […]

Residential Site cut Melbourne 50

A residential site cut in Melbourne that uncovered significant rocks.  This site was 100% cut. Usually cut and fill to minimize material movement is best.  This job due to the sloping site 100% cut was needed. This house excavation was done around the rocks, until they were broken and removed. A significant retaining wall is […]