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Residential excavation on a large titled block.  This job had great access which made soil removal easy.  Earthmoving in Melbourne has become tougher as block sizes reduce,  Access on to these tighter blocks can sometimes mean smaller machines are needed.  Tight access also restricts soil removal. Despite these challenges we love Residential Excavation.  It has […]

Challenging sites with deep site cuts and retaining walls are always great to be involved.  Sites with a lot of fall and tight access can limit your options to build a home.  Through years of experience and investment in the right people and machines, Earthlift can tackle any site,  Giving you the confidence that your […]

Site cut in regional Victoria on a foggy morning. The block slopes away from the road considerably.  The cut is over 1m at the front and considerable fill to the rear. Our in house surveyor was onsite training new employees.  Site cuts on large blocks in regional Victoria are some of our favorites. The trustee […]

Site cut Melbourne

This detailed site cut Melbourne was done in the outer Eastern suburbs.  As you can see the site cut was quite deep and had considerable batters. This material was very compacted which made for tough digging however it was no match for our Operator and his digger.  

Basement excavation Melbourne.  Earthlift have been basement excavation specialists for nearly 50 years.  Bulk earthworks completed cost and time efficiently to meet any deadline. More than 2000m3 of soil removal on this one.    

Soil removal Melbourne : Our new track loader is now in full swing.  Completing multiple jobs a day enables cost effective and efficient soil removal across Melbourne. 120m3 of soil was removed in just a couple of hours. Concrete company began the base mid morning.  

Earth Moving Melbourne : Earthlift continue to invest in our Earth moving equipment. Our excavators comply to the highest emission standards.  We run fuel additives in our trucks to maximise fuel efficiency. The Earthlift office is powered by a state of the art solar system. We understand our profession is emissions heavy however we implement […]

Soil Removal in Melbourne. Earthlift now offers efficient and cost effective Soil Removal in Melbourne.  Soil or rock from drainers or piers can now be removed utilising Earthlift’s unparalleled truck fleet. Ask us today how you can take advantage.  

Cut and fill site cut completed in a new estate in the south east of Melbourne. Grass was prevalent on the block when we commenced,  To comply with engineering all vegetation to the building platform is stripped before the cut and fill site cut can commence. Earthlift comply 100% to all engineering and can even […]