House excavation on a seaside block

Residential Site cut Melbourne 78

House excavation on a seaside block on a sandy site on the Bellarine Peninsula in a new estate.  A lot of soil and vegetation was removed to ensure compliance with the engineering before a cut and fill was completed.

Large step down for the alfresco is at the rear. House excavation on sandy sites can be difficult in wet weather.  This one was completed on a nice clear day so those issues were avoided.

House excavation on a seaside block is block dependent, no two site cuts are the same. Variable’s include site fall, consulting engineer, clients wishes/expectations for there yard and ground conditions.

The most efficient earthworks are not always the cheapest.  Earthlift utilise state of the art software, as a result we can provide 3D modelling of the block pre/post site cut to better illustrate changes in site elevations.  It also allows us to tailor jobs to achieve maximum onsite efficiencies.


Completed site cut from the front of the block   Rear of the site cut and a 10 tonne excavator onsite   Photo of a large excavator onsite